Although all the apartments in the Istanbul Valley project have been sold since 2019, we have so far received many requests to buy an apartment in the same project, even if it was previously used,,

 In fact, it is not surprising that this particular project has unique characteristics among the surrounding projects in the region, including:

+ Istanbul Valley Mall, which is rich in definition, a meeting place for tourists, beauty lovers, and shopping

+ A metro station for the project that connects it to a main metro line that reaches Taksim in less than half an hour

+ There is no license to build a new project separating the view of the Istanbul Valley and the wonderful forests of Belgrade

+Clean air, wide green spaces and charming views of Belgrade forests

+ Close to the TEM highway and therefore easy access to anywhere in Istanbul, whether the European or Asian side, because it is also close to the first Bosphorus bridge

But today, after several years have passed since the delivery of this project, what are the negatives of buying a used property?

+ The price per square meter starts from 3,500 dollars for the ground floors, knowing that the prices in the neighboring projects start from 2,700 dollars, which are new apartments and share with Wadi Istanbul in the strategic location

+ The difference between the total area and the net area is 30%, and therefore the net price per square meter in the project is 4550 dollars, and this same price we find in an apartment with a charming Bosphorus view

+ The number of options offered for sale is large, and therefore from an investment point of view, it will not be easy later to resell your property with a profit

+ The number of options offered for sale is large, and here you must ask yourself why many owners want to sell their apartments in this project if it is really ideal as we imagine it

Are there alternative options better than him in the same area?

Certainly, there are always suitable alternatives to the negatives in the project. For example, if you find that the price of a square meter is 4550 dollars, there are other projects in the same area where prices start from 2700 dollars.

And if you find that the narrow spaces are the problem in this project, there are neighboring projects with larger spaces within the same price range.

And if you want to have a wonderful forest view, but you prefer privacy and do not want to get an apartment in a large residential complex such as Istanbul Valley, there are alternatives consisting of only one tower that provides you with the view you want and at the same time the necessary privacy.

If you love the Maslak area, but prefer to get an apartment with a view of the Bosphorus and not just the forests, your request is found in new projects with integrated services, close to malls and with the desired Bosphorus view.

Finally, if you are aware of all of the above, but you want to get an apartment in Istanbul Valley in particular, contact us to find the best apartment suitable for your request at the cheapest price in the market.