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The purchase of real estate in Turkey by foreigners is of constant demand, if we do not say that it is increasing with time. The properties that are purchased vary between investment properties with the aim of obtaining a high return, and Turkish citizenship or residential real estate can be made with the aim of settling in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, according to recent statistics. 

In our previous articles, we talked extensively about investment properties, but today we will talk about the best areas to live in Istanbul for foreigners. The residential property has specifications that differ from the investment property because this property will directly belong to the owner and his family, and therefore there are basic conditions that cannot be bypassed, including:

+ It has a suitable space for the number of family members and an appropriate number of rooms as well.

+ Has a location close to their businesses, universities and schools, or a location within easy reach of all of the above.

+ That the services surrounding the property are sufficient for them.

+ To be close to places of entertainment, cafes and restaurants because it is a residential property and therefore their goal is stability and they must take care of the smallest details when choosing it.

+ To be safe and include surveillance cameras around the clock, recreational areas for children, sports clubs and large green spaces.

+ The quality of the cladding materials, sound and thermal insulation, and the type of heating and cooling must be taken into consideration.

+ Choose an environment of neighbors, neighborhood and building that is suitable for you and your family.

And many other subtle details, but we know that Istanbul is a big city and real estate prices in it vary according to many factors we talked about earlier, and therefore not all areas within the specifications of the required property are commensurate with the budget of all customers, so here we can say that the best area for housing depends on the requirements and budget of each A person, but here we will mention the most important areas, their advantages, and the initial budgets for owning a property in them:

The first sector includes the area of Maslak, Sisli, Beyoglu, Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy.

Maslak area:

+ A lively, upscale and modern area

+ Real estate prices are constantly increasing

+ Most of its views of the Belgrade Forest and the Bosphorus Strait

+ Suitable for budgets starting at $240K

Sisli District:

+ A fully developed and upscale area

+ It has a very limited number of new projects

+ Its central location is suitable for large companies

+ Suitable for budgets above 110 thousand dollars for buildings and above 250 thousand dollars for new high towers.

Beyoglu district

+ Its central location and archaeological area

+ Includes dozens of high-end hotels

+ It includes the famous Taksim Square

+ Suitable for budget starting from 280 thousand dollars

Zeytinburnu and Bakirkoy Coastline Districts:

+ Upscale and modern buildings

+ Enchanting sea views, Marmara Sea

+ The distance of the house from the sea is 0 meters

+Suitable for budgets starting at $270,000

The second sector: Basaksehir district, Basin Express district and Kucukcekmece district

Basaksehir area

+ Modern area, next to the city center and close to Istanbul Airport

+ conservative in nature

+ Predominantly family housing

+Suitable for budgets starting at $120,000

  Basin Express Street

It is the street that connects the E5 and TEM highways, and it is the road that has become famous in the recent period. There are many hotels and residential projects on this street:

                     + Close to the highway

                     + It includes ready-made projects and projects under construction

                      + Known as the meeting point for businessmen and luxury international hotels

                      + Suitable for budgets starting at $75,000

The third sector: In this sector, we will talk about the suburbs of Istanbul, Avcilar district, Bahcesehir district, Beylikdüzü district, Buyukcekmece district and Esenyurt district.

Avcilar area

+ A coastal area located between Lake Kucukcekmece and the Sea of Marmara

             + Divided into two sides by the E5 road, which includes the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, the Metrobus

             + Suitable for budgets starting at $70,000

Bahcesehir area

+ This area is famous for its calm and green squares, which makes it one of the most important summer areas

+ Modern urban design

+ Close to Basaksehir and the new Istanbul Airport

+Suitable for budgets starting at $75,000

Beylikduzu area

+ Quiet area and close to the E5 motorway and important transportation

It is bordered on the south by the Sea of Marmara

+Suitable for budgets starting at $75,000

Esenyurt area

+ A lively area with many markets, shops and squares

+ It includes large residential complexes with a large number of housing units, reaching in some complexes up to 5000 housing units in one complex

+ It is characterized by its low prices compared to the high prices in Istanbul

+Suitable for budgets starting at $30,000

Buyukcekmece area

+ It is characterized by its calm and fresh and clean air because it is considered the farthest area from the center of Istanbul

+ It includes projects with direct sea views and at reasonable prices

+ Suitable for summer

+ Suitable for budgets starting at $70,000