Do you want to achieve an investment return of more than 20% annually in dollars in the Turkish real estate market without spending any effort in managing your property?

If you believe that life offers us more than one opportunity, then today’s article is for you…

The bomonti residence by rotana project, after the completion of the first tower in it, recently announced the opening of the new tower for investment in the first stages of construction, and it is noteworthy that the prices increased by more than 110% during the construction period of the first tower, which is about two and a half years, and therefore we are talking about an ROI equal to 44% and this is a huge number Not only in real estate, but in the field of investment in general.

Today’s opportunity is to get a real estate at an initial price of $260,000 and sell it after 3 years with a value of no less than $420,000.

What is Project Rotana?

It consists of two residential towers, the first is ready for occupancy, 42 floors high, and the second is under construction 30 floors, to be delivered in mid-2024, in Sisli Bomonti, the historical city center, with easy access to Nisantasi Street and Taksim Square, in addition to easy access to the Bosphorus Strait at Besiktas Rich in definition.

What are the features of this project?

+ Central location in the center of Istanbul, Sisli Bomonti district

+ The project offers apartments with views of the Bosphorus suitable for housing, and apartments with views of the historical city, more suitable for investment

+ The project is managed by Rotana company with full hotel services in return for monthly returns equal to any other project in the region with the same specifications

+ High-level finishing that pleases the visitor, no matter how delicate his taste is

+ The only project under construction in the same area and its prices are the best compared to similar projects

Why invest in this project?

+ Being the only project under construction in the region, the square meter price is the cheapest now and after its completion it will be the most expensive thanks to the project specifications and its management by Rotana

+ For those wishing to invest in the long term, even after the project is completed, the rental return will be high, since the area, finishing and hotel management of Rotana are desirable to a wide range of potential tenants

+ When you want to end the investment, the supply is low in this area and the demand is high, and therefore it can be resold easily later with a high profit return

+ Achieve the foundations of successful investment that we talked about in detail earlier: Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment?

+ The opening of the new tower in its early stages really constitutes a second golden opportunity to invest in a project in the center of Istanbul and managed by Rotana.

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